magento 2 ecommerce Web build

Project Management

The challenge with this project was the complexity of the custom product builder and integration into their ERP system.

Custom product builder

The challenge  

First was sourcing all the correct images, layered exactly in separate components to allow the product image to be updated with every choice selected by the user of the website.

Second was to update the pricing matrix depending on the choices selected by the user. This involved complex front / back end logic to guarantee complete and accurate information for the web user and the client.

Third was ensuring all the data inputs for product and shipping were saved appropriately and could be sent from the website to the clients ERP to maintain the existing methods for shipment and for fulfillment.


The Solution

Pixel perfect image productions and product configuration information.

New attributes had to be created with extensive logic to ensure the second and third challenges were overcome within Magento and Kaos ERP to handle the data flows. This was even more challenging as the CMS system was Headless so this had to be configured in sync with Magento and Kaos.


The Results

A seamless, awesome custom product builder. 

Try the custom product builder for yourself:-