Case Studies - LSA International

The challenge

Replicate the UK (international) site to a US specific site.
Logistic / systems integration.
Payment gateways.
Product catalogue management (Magento 2 MSI).
US Logistics – 50 (+1) states, Avalar Tax integration.
Country switch between main site ( and US version ( – desktop and mobile.

the results

A 4 month project took 12 months to complete. Why? A major underestimation of system and locale specification on both sides – the client side and ours – ie. varying shipping taxation levels across 50 different states, catalogue differentiation and management, ERP and logistics system integrations etc. (scope creep). 

However, everything had to be absolutely perfect. And it is:-


Transparency between client and agency is paramount to project success. And the ability to acknowledge when things aren’t quite going to plan, with strong client / project management planning to fix ongoing issues.