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Avnie Shah – an artist, graphic designer and entrepreneur.

Her company delivers Art Classes, Artist empowerment programes with Coaching and she occasionally produces some brilliant art.

Her company Art By Avnie contacted us in April 2023 to update the website to facilitate her latest 80 / 20 Artist summit. This was the second summit so to drive interest from all the stakeholders including the artists, the participants, the target audience (artists / non-artists) impact had to be significant.

We proposed to revamp the sites top navigation to improve the UX to faciliate the 3 key areas and update and restructure the Ecommerce functionality to help with Registrations for the event and for users wanted to book tickets for her Unwined events as well as any other art / art shop products she chose to sell. 

3 Key Areas

80/20 Artist Summit
Unwined Paint and Sip Events
Art Shop




Rebuild top navigation.
Restructure Home Page
Change navigation and link pages to better reflect the 3 key areas for her business and website.
Rebuild the Ecommerce experience from first click to Checkout / Order conformation.
Build out the Registration process for the 80/20 Artist Summit with automated email confirmations.
Build out the entire 80/20 Artist Summit section of the site.
Create products for the Unwined Paint & Sip events. Add Unwined section.
Remodel CTA’s site wide to improve conversion..
Add appropriate CTAA click-baits to further drive conversion.
Add downloadable PDF to promote her coaching.
We also supported and linked to her multiple Social Media channels including multiple Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

80 /20 Artist’s Summit 2023

Dates: 12 / 13 July 2023

10 Artists / Specialists delivering talks on Art, Digital Art and Progression. The Summit had a collection of extremely inspirational artists including a segment on how to use ChatGPT to produce Art. 

unwined paint & sip events

Fun art classes. Corporate Events. Private Parties.

art portolio

Abstract art / mixed media is Avnie’s forte. She also specialises in figurative and spiritual art.